A year ago this absolutely wonderful poet called Ricardo J Rodriguez wrote a poem for me.

Till date I haven’t quite got over it.

I never thought anybody would read my poems let alone be inspired by them.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude. God bless you Ricardo and may your dreams come true. :)

Originally posted on Through the Mind and in the Wind:

I’ve read too much,

And you have stirred my soul as such:

To you I write this poem,

For you write with more than wisdom,

I saw frankness and confidence,

As to drop me to silence,

The way it flows,

Makes me shiver in my clothes,

Making the expected rhymes and rhythm,

Yet  written by you made it atypical just as this sentence is full of freedom,



Whether intentional or accidental,

What you make is sentimental,

The wounds you made to me “won’t heal in time”,*

They nor hurt but rather rhyme,

Made me connect new things,

In my feelings,

I hope you too know it too,

That what you write is precious just like you,

So as you bottle your sentiments in jars, (Or howerver you do so)

Just to let you know I’ll be watching from afar. (As in I will avidly await your poems:)


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