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The first words that came to my mind for the title were skank and other extremely vulgar words. Though I loathe this woman with my whole being, it doesn’t seem right to belittle her character. Dealing with “emotionally unbalanced” people is a part of growing up and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. :)


A narcissistic slacker

An egoistic blabber

Uptight and prissy

With your cronies tagging behind

A tattletale you’ll forever be


You lured him under false pretense

You torture people with slanderous comments

Proficient at psychological harassment

Crumbling morale, your main intent

Sick of your own tyranny, you’d someday relent


Bullying your way through sorrow

Throwing insults, expecting others to swallow

I’m weary of your constant manipulative tactics

You’re renowned for your domineering antics


Your callous disregard and abrasiveness

Make me want to maul your face

If only I could expunge you from my memory

And put an end to this tiresome chase