When you look into my eyes

The time just flies

You’re the one for me

You’re my ecstasy

I loved the way you looked at me

When it was just you and me

I loved the way you made me feel special

The way you stood for me

I loved you with all my heart

But you broke it and tore it apart

Now blood flows through my eyes

My heart aches and cries

For the one I loved the most

And now the memories haunt me like a

Long forgotten ghost!

I hate myself for what you did

And try to think it’s just a dream

This will soon fade away

To make the moments again splendid

But how can I escape the truth

You hate me with all your might

What were the reasons for our fight?

That made me cry whole day whole night!

How can you forget the moments we spent

Together, alone, the way it meant

the fun we had

the way we went mad

Screaming shouting all over the place

With such ease and grace.

The way you went flirting with others

I scolded you like a mother

The way we looked for each other everywhere

We surely looked like a pair.

At last you said goodbye to me

The day you went away from me

You never looked back once

To see if I was there

You never asked for me

To see if I ever cared.

But hey I know you were faking it all

Never bothered to at least make a call

But go and live your life my dear

Without any shame or fear

And as I love you

I wish you all the best

Go my dear conquer the world

And stand ahead of the rest!

I wrote this when I was thirteen. Due to my fluctuating mood and hormonal imbalance I thought it was the end of the world. Now, I know better !

MY 2nd LOVE !!!