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As the lies mount up

You lose track

Fumbling of excuses

To cover up the blurted truth

Your twisted words

Silently bruising

Infuriatingly bewildering

Spiritually grueling


Blinded by your intriguing charm

Roped into your deceiving arm

The fault is nonetheless mine

Should’ve taken some time

So you’d wait and pine


Honesty has never been your virtue

The seeds of doubt in my mind perpetually grew

Loving you now seems like an arduous task,

Unknown to me, the one behind the camouflage


But everyone deserves a second chance

A chance to redeem

A chance to vindicate

Tribulations never last long

They eventually abate


So I give you time to think it through

Realize why I always forgave you

With arms wide open,

I’d let you in

Only if you promise to

Be sincere, to support me

Through thick and thin