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This growing distance

Is needed

To blur images of

Time spent in quiet togetherness

At the beach, in the wilderness

Your smiling eyes

Boring into mine

Your slow silent stride

Walks along the barren roadside

The unchanging look on your face

When you’re lost in thought

Sometimes tranquil,

Sometimes fraught with distraught

To muddle the sounds

Of those never ending banter

Followed by a familiar laughter

Stilled, only by the lull of the sea

Putting us in a quiet reverie


You may think

I’ve nothing better to do

But think incessantly of you

How can I stop my mind from wandering

Back to you

When you’ve grown so distant

And I’m still stuck

Where you left me

Hanging onto

This unrequited feeling



This detachment

Is needed

To let someone else

Infiltrate my mind-space

It’s the end of the chase

I’ve been conveniently replaced

Now your offhanded indifference

Seems worse than your stone cold silence