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My jeans are tightening
My rear is fattening
My waist isn’t tiny
“Oh god, why me?”
My hair is greasy
My room looks sleazy
It takes every ounce of energy
To write
My grades are dropping
I’ve lost my insight

Their life seems
So much better than mine
All I do is throw a fit and whine
Lashing out at anyone who dares to call
Vacillating between extreme of
Depression and elation
Laziness and agitation

Obsessing over appearance and weight
Abruptly infuriated over being laughed at
For choosing to remain celibate
This mania continues throughout the day
Before it gradually begins to abate

The short-lived hysteria subsides
As I gulp in fresh air, out on a stroll
Bereft of anger and at peace
My frenzied irrational thoughts no longer beyond control