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We’ve shared moments of

Whispered secrets

Sheer delight

Teenage riot

White lies

Consoling weeping eyes

Burning the midnight oil

Phases of exasperating emotional turmoil

Late night conversations

Reveling in each others jubilation

Mirth and grief

Trivial arguments on conflicting beliefs

Flaring temper and comforting silences

Soothing advice and jocularity

Of battles fought and lessons learned

Of accepting differences and similarities


I promise to

Be by your side

Whenever you’re forlorn, in need of comfort

To relieve you of any repressed hurt

To love you with all my heart

To never let the smile on your face depart


It’s a solemn vow

I’m determined to keep

A very happy 17th birthday my dearest best friend

May god shower you with happiness and

The willpower to cross mountains, no matter how steep

I dedicate this poem to Nandita- My best friend, my sister, my life.

Our first photograph taken four years ago. 
L-R: Nandita and Me