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One word prompt: Contemplate 

I toss and turn in agitation. I inhale and exhale, desperate to calm my queasiness and this growing sense of despair but sleep evades me and I’m unable to think straight, drowning in the cacophony of my own frazzled thoughts. I lie on my bed, wide awake at this ungodly hour, contemplating the reason for your presence in my life or the lack of it now. How had I not anticipated this turn of events? I should’ve known better than to confide in a man who hardly could be called his own. When I first laid my eyes on you, I was truly infatuated and the alarm bells at the back of my head were pushed further by the sound of your silken voice. Looking back with new eyes, ones that aren’t smitten by your forced chivalry anymore, I see your true colours. I repent believing those sugar-coated half-truths and I cringe at the thought of your touch. It is between these tousled sheets that my sensibilities waned and it is where I now lie alone, morosely contemplating the error in judgement.