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Painting by Helene Delmaire

Painting by Helene Delmaire


Let’s pretend like

We never spoke our minds

Never said those words out loud

The ones, we knew all along

But timing couldn’t be more wrong

And so let’s erase all memories of the night

A lesson learnt in hindsight


Let’s pretend that

Emotions had not run high

Conversations hadn’t spiralled out of control

Hadn’t become heated

That a reality check was all I needed

When the truth was far from comforting


Let’s pretend otherwise

To avoid stirring up any further trouble

So we’ll sweep it under the rug

Wipe our hands and mind clean

And walk away

From this pile of emotional rubble


Let’s feign normality

Stifle our affections

Filter our thoughts

And go on,


In a state of In-between


The midnight confessions

As nothing

But a bad dream