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I left, thinking

In my absence you will

Overcome the depression spells

Turn your life around

Pick yourself up off the ground

I thought wrong

You haven’t changed a bit

You’ve been drunk on me

All along


I left, exasperated

You refused

To come out of your shell

To step beyond

The confines of your bubble

To share your troubles

To reach out for help

When things spiralled out of control

When you began to stumble

You wanted to fight your battles alone

So, I powerlessly watched you crumble


I still am

A poison of your choice

A filthy habit you can’t leave

Someone you blindly believe

It’s time you stop being so naive



You pushed me away

When you lost your way

You thought

Your problems

Would weigh me down

That I’d leave you in the lurch

You thought wrong

I wanted to nurse your bruises

All along

But now we don’t belong


You’re still the same

Too dependent

Yet emotionally detached

It’s nobody’s fault

We’re just mismatched