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They’re trapped

Unable to escape

Embroiled in this vicious cycle of

Starving and binging

Guilt and desperation

Reprimanding themselves for the extra morsel

Purging, an insatiable addiction

Plummeting appetite

Escalating hunger for perfection

Constantly battling with weight issues

For far too long, and hopelessness ensues


Unrealistic body-image,

Biologically unattainable

And socially acceptable standards of splendor

Portrayed by the media

Creates uncontrolled mass hysteria

Giving rise to eating disorders

Like anorexia and bulimia


Lives are being affected

In every nook and cranny of the world

Bodies, tortured and driven to extremes

Resigning to unhealthy dieting schemes


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

So foster self acceptance

And restore your self-esteem

It’s the secret to everlasting contentment

To counteract this weight predicament