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Perched on his bike
His shoulders sagged
His head bent
Peering at the ground
Oblivious to the gaiety around

Took a valiant effort to pass by
On impulse she looked back
Their eyes locked
She stopped in her track
In his hand he held a half-empty cigarette pack
He smiled his trademark smile
Wry and a bit sly
One that made women go weak in their knees
On her it seemed futile

Her face grew solemn
As he approached her
Willful ignorance and fatalism
Had all been in vain
Fate had ordained their meeting
Here was her chance to explain

He stood still, searching her eyes
A pregnant pause lingered in the air
Recalling the distress her sudden disappearance had caused
His questioning gaze turned into a glare

She refused to meet his eyes
And spoke the words she had rehearsed for days
Unburdening the weight on her heart
She felt they had drifted in divergent pathways

With nothing left to say
And one last look
She did what she’d done before
. . . Slowly walked away