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After penning poems for so long I wanted to try my hand at something exciting and challenging, so I started asking people to give me ONE word around which I could randomly scribble my musings. I’ve never written short pieces and so this is the beginning of something new. :)

One word prompt: Compromise 

She called herself a survivor because victims are hopeless beings who lose the will to fight and live in the confines of a miserable existence. Survivors accept they’ve been wronged but continue to display exemplary courage in the face of overwhelming odds against them rather than resorting to willful obedience to fate. Accepting a child born out of compulsion, whose inception was not a result of love but sheer dominance and oppression, is a feat many choose to ignore.

She called herself literate because even though she couldn’t read the signboards or write her address, she learnt to write her name, a requisite for school forms.

She had dreamt of opening a tailor shop, a skill which didn’t need education for validation, and employing women like her to lend a hand. Rebuked and ostracized by family and society alike and deprived of any financial assistance she resorted to selling her own body to feed two mouths.

She compromised on her self taught ethics and morals but most of all she compromised on her fragile self esteem.

She compromised on her sleep, her health by traversing on foot from house to house in the blazing sun, cleaning dirty laundry in the morning, saving the bus fare for the humble fortnightly treat, all  for a child whose half DNA was as tainted as the khadi-clad rogues she serviced at night.

She compromised for the entirety of her life for someone whose mere presence was unwanted by the world. No one could fathom the reason. It is only when she was on her deathbed, breathing her last breaths did she confess that refusing to mother this child would’ve amounted to sacrilege and that all her sacrifice and compromises were worth the suffering. You can’t choose your fate but you can choose to be a victim or a survivor.