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first met


Please don’t go

Don’t leave me all alone

We’ve grown

So close

You were always there

Whenever a problem arose


Staying up into the wee hours

Of the glorious morning

Sharing our bittersweet childhood memories

Buried so deep

Talking till there’s nothing left to say

Talking till we fell asleep


Please don’t go

Don’t leave me empty hearted

There is none like you

So imperfectly true


I feel like I’ve known you forever

Though it’s only been four years

I haven’t seen you in ages

Now I’m almost afraid

To see you again

And it drives me insane


Please don’t go

Don’t leave me hanging

For another half year

You’re the best friend I ever had

I’m really sorry

I know it makes you sad

To hear these words ever so often

I can’t fight this feeling anymore

But with a heavy heart

I say I won’t implore

You to stay

There’s no choice

It’s your career

You have to go away


I know you’ll wait

You know I’ll miss you

Don’t lose your zeal

Don’t let the world change you

Dear best friend, you’re so

Imperfectly true