A month passed by

And we’re still going strong

I miss you more than you can think


We belong.

I hear the phone ringing

and I hope it’s you

in the depths of my despair

my Limbs lying askew.

Your voice brings a smile

Picture perfect memories unfold

Some feelings, untold

You melt a heart, stone cold.

You make me laugh

You lighten up my mood

But our conversations are unpredictable

From sweet little talks

To a horrible feud!

But, something always brings me back to you

It never takes too long

Without you, the world seems absurd

Things go wrong.

I’d never do anything to make you wanna cry

I’m sorry if I do something to make you really mad

it only comes back

and makes me really sad .

But promise to be nice

And true to your words

It hurts when you do something frivolous

So don’t do it now onwards.

Sometimes when I’m alone,

I wonder

Of all the things we could do

If only I was there with you.

And as we broke the barriers

We roamed on the streets

And laughed to our hearts content

Even though for a short while

The moments were truly fervent.

It triggers a pain in my heart

To be miles apart

But the faith I have in you keeps me strong

Baby, just know that


We belong.

A month has gone by,

I miss you

And I wish I could be there

To show how much I care.

I wish I could cuddle up next to you

P.s I love you !

{Sadly, we’re not together anymore. }

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who means  a lot to you, but sometimes that’s all you can do.