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A friend of mine (Nancy, for those of you who’ve heard me talk about her so many times) is in a long distance relationship since THREE YEARS !

Hats off to people who’ve the patience to pull it off. :)

We haven’t come out completely unscathed
From days of deafening silence
Explicit confessions
Petulant mood
Quibbles over
Differing perceptions
Lack of faith and
Doubting intentions

But your words still ring in my head
You’d once said
“We’re in this together
You’re not alone”
And we’ve come so far
It’s a feat in its own

The ordeal isn’t over yet
There are countless days to endure
Finding solace in your unfailing love
I’m content and secure

You’re a thousand miles away
And I know I’m easily swayed
But when you’ll be finally here
Time will slow down
As I’ll lovingly gaze into your eyes
Deep rich brown
Crinkling when you smile
Quipping in jest,
Oh your humor is so puerile
Charmed by your aura of mystique
All words forgotten
Spoken in a fit of pique