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Dismaying, perplexing thoughts are exploding

Our amorous passion was once so ubiquitous

Never overshadowed by this sense of foreboding

That our bond would turn so tempestuous


We’re caught in this never ending cycle of

Clashing egos

Agonizing woes

Claiming superiority

Plaguing insecurity

Nerve-racking agitation

Avoiding confrontation

And moments of quiet introspection


The spell we were under

Has already broken

It’s been a fortnight

Since we’ve spoken


I’m disentranced and out of love

And truth be told, so are you

Do you see any point in continuing?

Or do you want to end it too?


It’s time we stop

Beating around the bush

And playing games that vex us more

All it’ll take is a dignified ending

Through mutual consent

Because darlin’ nothing lasts forevermore