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This is my first attempt at a fixed-form variant haiku created by Jack Collom, called LUNE! It is measured in words rather than syllables and is free from all constraints associated with haiku, thus need not contain kigo (season-word), kire (cut), may rhyme and may use all other poetic devices. The form is 3/5/3 words.

(As per Wikipedia)

*Fingers Crossed*


Our feet dangling

In the ice cold water

Glistening in sunlight



Speculations and accusations

Threaten to jeopardize strong relationships

Even destroy them



Inevitable bouts of

Homesickness and anxiety arise, causing

Painfully severe heartache



If only his,

Feather touch and fragrant scent lingered, a

Dream come true



The dark shadows

Fall in step with me

My pace quickens



Her smiling face

Haunting, everlasting, may her soul

Rest in peace