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31st January 2011

Remember Arya and Slutgun? 

Last night I received a text (in bold letters) and here’s the answer in an undaunted even slightly aggressive and poetic manner.

You pissed at me because I don’t text at night?

No because I used to and you never bothered to reply

Or simply

Once in a while, sent me an emoticon

What is that even supposed to imply?


You pissed at me because I don’t call?

You haven’t since I left

Two years ago

It’s time you outgrow

Your ego


Because I didn’t give the appropriate reaction

When we spoke in BP?

Is that when you made me wait

Came half and hour late


Fixated on my weight?


Because I’m not begging for my t-shirt,

For every detail of your life?

As far as I can remember

We painted the tee together

I’d gladly parcel it to you

It’s not an issue


Because I’m this narcissistic science bitch?

Narcissistic? Yes but never a bitch

Science has nothing to do

With morality

This is how you’ve always been

We were intellectually

But never emotionally akin


Because I made friends you don’t like?

I never questioned

Your choice of friends

Then, why this sudden urge

To make amends?

Is it because they too

Couldn’t understand you?


Look, are we even friends anymore?

After you’ve read so far

It’d be surprising if I said yes

But I’m a person of my word

I meant it when I said

I wouldn’t change you for the world


You can give me the answer, and whatever it is,

I’d take it gladly.

I bet my answer caught you off guard

But it wasn’t written with disregard


I’m a terrible friend,

I told you earlier.

And lonelier and moodier


Just say what’s in you head

And let it be over with.

I just did though

I’ve been holding this in

For a really long time

Our relationship is based on lunacy

Often bordering on the sublime