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One word prompt: Intrigue

They looked a decade short of a century and not surprisingly quite at ease, perched on the sea-facing boulevard with frail fingers lightly entwined, watching passersby, sharing silences and styrofoam cups of coffee. I remember watching intently in order to decipher the sweet nothings they might have whispered to each other but for the next half an hour they sat still, satisfied in their devoted, wordless companionship, unaware of my gaze. Occasionally he would steal glances, sigh contently and trace circles on her wrinkled skin. This kind of courtship has never ceased to pique my interest. What intrigues me is the course of such relations and how sometimes love truly conquers years of conflict and the ever-growing susceptibility to resentment. Familiarity may breed contempt but clearly not for this greying couple that I visually intruded upon. Lost in thought, contemplating their unavowed love and the contrasting nature of relationships today, I see them retreating, their small drooping silhouette fading in the crowd.