How am I supposed to
Get OVER you?
When you are all
I can think about.

Your sweet breath
blowing my hair
when you take me
in an embrace.

Your masculine hands
Wrapped around me
protectively and possessively
my hand in yours
Holding on to the world
Holding on to you!

The precious moment passes by
Leaving me fervent and ecstatic
Yearning for your soothing touch
And generous ways,
For your presence,
For those simple gestures of love,
For the sweet little talks,
For the meaningless fights
Now without you
Melancholic are my nights.

Now I’m full of remorse
Each nerve aching for you
my insides hurt
And my head wants to explode.
Each memory of ours
Flashing in front of my eyes
threatening to break through me
and prove right all your lies.

The broken promises
The facade that you pulled
Those anxious eyes
Searching my soul
For forgiveness
I did not bore.

How am I supposed to
Believe you, love you
Yet again?

When all you did was
Hurt me
And bestow upon me
Unbearable pain. . . . .