The mother-daughter bond is the closest and most emotionally intense of all relationships. So cherish the company of your dear old mother as not everyone is lucky enough to have one !

The time seems to fly

Minutes turn into hours

Beads of sweat trickle down my face

The panic grows

And suddenly the bell rings..

It’s the end of the rat race.


As I step out of the room

A prayer on my lips

Overcome with guilt

The courage I had built

Slips away.



All those moments I could’ve studied

Which I wasted so recklessly

Now filled with regret

All I can do is fret.


When I finally realize the consequences

The world still spinning before my eyes

Excited faces gather around me

All bursting with pride

So ashamed of myself

I search for a place to hide.


In the solace of my room

My face streaming with tears

Buried in my hands

In the silence,

I hear my mother approaching

She sits beside me

And says nothing for a while

And I know on her lips

Is a lingering smile.


Then she softly murmurs

Her voice almost inaudible

About her own past

A phase, unknown to me

Her delightful yet turbulent teenage years

Which ended so fast.


Comforted by her words

I know she understands

That there’s no secret potion or a magic wand

To make her adolescent  perfect

And she knows that I respect

Her well thought decisions

And that the next one I make

Would be made with precision.

I’m extremely grateful to have such a great dad too. :)