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Happy Mother’s day in advance to all the wonderful mommies out there !!

The last picture in the photo album

Takes me back to my early formative years

Memories come flooding back

My wandering mind has a flashback


I remember saying all the things

I shouldn’t have

Spiteful words

Filled with rancour

Spat out curtly

My mother, a victim of my rage

Her distress caused no sorrow

I was engulfed by the dark side of teenage


The more she tried

The more I rebelled

There was turmoil in her mind

While mine wreaked havoc and was undeniably unkind


Freedom was not enough

Nothing could straighten me out

I abhorred the dull routine of existence

Breaking curfew, constant tantrums and brazen acts

Only widened the distance


I shudder at the thought

Of how reckless I was

Even the sincerest apologies

Won’t lessen the pain I’d caused


But a mother’s heart can never hold grudges

She’s still the same old loving and forgiving woman

I haven’t grown any wiser

Although she’s made me a better human