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It’s time you bear the brunt of my brutality now.

Oh, and this is specially for you darling ! :)

Sleepless nights

Painful sights

Chased by you in my dreams

Wake up with ear piercing screams.



With no hope of return

From the dark alley of hatred

Rays of light burn

Every inch of my body

Craving to be nurtured


Somebody to hold my hand

In this unknown land

To feed me love

Pray for mercy from above.


Waiting for this nightmare to end

To stop cringing at the mention of your name

You’re not the one to blame

I mastered you at your game.


The emotional harassment

The embarrassment

You’ve caused me all these years

Has to cease

I’ve gained the knowledge

To all life’s little mysteries.


I know you’re not

Who you pretend to be

Neither can you ever be me

So hide that plastic face

Every time I see you

It makes me grimace.


I may be as cold

As the winter breeze

But you’re a heartless being

Your words seems forced

Your actions, irrational

Your thoughts are in a mess

Your soul is in distress.


But since I know

Every dog has its day

I’ll patiently plot my revenge

Await your fate

For very soon it shall be your doomsday.


And then I’d do what you did

Stab you in the back

Put you in a sack

And throw you somewhere far away

So your stinking blood will be at bay


I’ll watch you drown

Deep into the sea

Relive all the hurt

You’ve caused me


Bask in the glory

of being free

Enter the unknown land

Quiet and eerie


Stay there for a thousand years

And finally rot to death

Curse you till your soul crumbles

And snatches away your breath.


I know HATE is a strong word to throw around, but some people are just not worth being approached with kind words. I hope I didn’t come out as too callous. My main objective was to vent out all that I was holding back.

Thank you.

-Sanah. :)