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Here comes the punk

The world seems to say

She lowers her head to

Avoid the stares

And walks away in dismay.


And no one sees her true colours.


Under the tousled bleached hair,

Lies the dysfunctional brain of an adolescent

The pierced ears

Tired of hearing lies, so blatant.


Hiding the swollen eyes

The thick line of dark kohl

Sloppily applied

Contrasting the immaculate pattern

Of deep cut marks on the wrist

The blade lay hidden beside the bedside.


And no one sees her true colours.


Sleep deprived

Nerves on fire

she stared at walls

Full of ire.


The gist of the treacherous course of life

Beyond the understanding of a young mind

She tried hard to see from their eyes

Instead they coloured her blind.


Wanted to disappear

Needed to be found

And so on the cycle went

Till in her sea of despair. .  She drowned.


And no one saw the warmth radiating from her heart

Underneath it all.