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Humble and soft-spoken

With the mannerisms of a gentleman,

With soft brown eyes, greying hair and a smiling face

He’s a statuesque man exuberating charm and grace.


A man of principles

With a confident stride

A man with a big warm heart and an open mind

He isn’t bound by the chains of ignorance and pride.


A man who’d miss a golf tournament

To go for a walk with his daughter

A man who compromised his whole life

To make hers better and brighter.


A man who attended his little girls PTA’s

And heard all the praises and remarks over the years

A man who during her dance performances

Clapped the loudest

A man who made silly faces

When presented with a small mug with scrawny handwriting

That said “To the bestest, daddy dearest”.


A man adamant on not buying a new golf bag

However obsolete and frayed the old one became

A man who never said no to a new dress or accessory

No matter how extravagant and unnecessary.


A man who’d stay at home and watch a movie

Than go out for a drink

Whose main priority is always his family

Our thoughts often, in sync


A man who’ll perform random deeds of kindness

And laugh his way through bad times

Who’ll smother me with a bear hug

After I’ve confessed to a petty crime.


He’s the life of the party

The man in the center of a crowd

Entertaining everyone with witty jokes

He’s the silver lining in the cloud.


My love for him would never cease

I’m truly and utterly thankful

For every time that he forgave me

For every word of advice

For every smile that touched my eyes

For every sacrifice.