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It is an entirely different poem but also a sequel of Last Chance, depicting the turn of events.








In just a matter of days

The roles have reversed

Our lives, once merged

Have abruptly diverged


You’re hurt beyond repair



Seething despair


I’ve been

Inadvertently vindictive

My erratic disposition predictive

Disregarding your efforts to reconcile

Spewing despicable words, vague and vile

Even then you held on,

Brimming with optimism, hopeful and docile


It’s too late to confine the conflict

To maneuver it on a productive course

Your curt replies and cold shoulder

Sear my heart, make me grievous with remorse


But everyone deserves a second chance

A chance to redeem

A chance to vindicate

Tribulations never last long

They eventually abate


So take your time to think it through

Grant me absolution ‘cause I want you,

Keep those arms wide open,

Please let me in

And I promise to

Never hurt you, to support you

Through thick and thin