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You’re one of those girls

He said candidly

You don’t deserve his love

He’s dying inside, slowly.


I hate you because I love him

Were his exact words

I’ve never seen a man this miserable

You’ve ruined his life

You’ve made him unstable.


Every weekend I’m at his place

So he doesn’t feel alone

And every night he cries himself to sleep

His hand clutching his phone.


He’s shattered and heart-broken

He pines for you

Every moment he prays you’d come back to him

Every second lost in your thoughts,

His face sullen and grim.


I despise the person he has become

And you’re the one to blame

How could you be so heartless?

Today you’ve to confess

Why’d you land him in this abysmal mess?

His heart and soul growing weaker with stress.


He refuses to eat

On his walls he scrawls

He’s killing himself with futile guilt

Patiently waiting for your calls.


As much as it would hurt him

I suggest you stay away

You haven’t made his life any easier

Karma will get you someday

For your unforgivable sins, you’d pay.


As his words

Now echo in my head

My heart filled with dread

How would he react if he would spend

A day being my friend

Would he understand

How I had felt?

Listening to my side of the story,

Would his heart melt?


As I begin to question the sole purpose of my existence

How had I been unable to return

The abundant love I’d received

A little voice at the back answered

“Because you were selfish throughout

And in the end he felt deceived.”