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The mother is hysterical

Out of control

Her malevolent alter ego

Has taken momentary possession of her soul

She’s shouting obscenities

Her shrill voice echoes

In the hollowed unfurnished room

The scene is all too familiar

But every time it evokes fear

Of the impending doom


She smashes a glass

Shards scatter across the floor

She storms off and slams the door


The father speaks to her patiently


Tries to reason with her

To make her see sense

Convinces her to not take offence

At every action

To not be suspicious

Of everyone’s intention

When she accuses him of unspeakable things

He loses his composure

Raises his voice,

His hand,

BUT stops midway

He can’t do it

He walks away


The boy walks down

A flight of stairs

Out of the house

Away from the chaos

His mother’s loud monologue

Faints, as he moves farther

His eyes brim with tears

His limbs collapse


He’s better off on his own

He cannot live any further

With his mentally unstable mother