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In India at the end of our last year of school we have a little party called “Farewell Party” organized by the juniors for the seniors.
Sadly I’ve reached that stage of my life. It’s too soon to say goodbye to school. I don’t think I’m ready to face the big bad world yet.
Nevertheless, my farewell party was a smashing hit. The senior girls proudly strutted sari-clad while the junior girls had to wear salwar kameez.
I even got a badge that said “Ms Twinkle Toes”. Ha! My eccentric dancing skills finally paid off. Trust me, it isn’t easy to even move in a saree though I’m completely smitten by it.

For those of you who don’t know what a saree is, here’s a little something I wrote about it:

A saree is
A 6 yard wonder
The most sensuous
Traditional attire
The finest garment
Every woman’s desire

It partially exposes the midriff
Highlights the waist
On one side
The perfect even pleats and the matching blouse
Accentuate, complete the look
It’s a wardrobe’s glory and pride

Sarees come in rich colours and designs
Sported in different styles and drapes
Embroidered or printed
On tussar silk, chiffon and crepe

It renders class and grace to the wearer
Appeals to the contemporary and ethnic genre
Adds charm to appearance
Reflects the true essence of an Indian woman
It’s the epitome of femininity and elegance

With a friend

With a friend