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Warning: Contains cuss words



So tell me

You filthy bastard

What compelled you to say

Those defamatory words

Was it a way

To get my attention

If so, you’ve succeeded

However you’ve failed miserably

In making him believe

He’s more of a man

Than you’ll ever be


Who else would you show our picture to?

And what contorted sleazy story

Will you spin this time?

Standing next to you

Doesn’t mean we’re involved

You intended to create a controversy

But we were resolved

To have this problem solved

And are you a fucking primate

I’m not your territory to claim

Haven’t you evolved?


I had a niggling doubt

You weren’t the right guy to confide in

But nevertheless I did

Told you every little thing

From pleasant to horrid


The more I knew you

The more I began

To question your loyalty

And you proved me right

Showed me your nefarious personality


Don’t underestimate my power

I’m capable of completely extirpating you

Though I won’t stoop down to your level

Won’t go to the lengths you went to


I won’t give you the privilege

Of taking over my life

Nor will I seek revenge

You’re at the top of my list

Of life’s biggest mistakes

No, you wouldn’t be forgiven

In real life, there are no retakes