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This poem is dedicated to the youth of my nation struggling to cope up with parental pressure. Our education system is more like a “degree” based system where imparting knowledge is secondary to overflowing wallets.




Will I be

Just another statistic

Another life lost

To exalted expectations

Reeling under

The ignominy and stigma

Of failing to secure a position

In the top notch institution


Will I be


For breaking the mould

For actions that are considered bold

For choosing to pursue a career

Distinct from the customary

Aspiring to far greater things

To do something revolutionary


I’m not the only one

Dreading the alarm

Tossing and turning in my sleep

Looked down on by those

Who think our goal is beyond our reach

Who relentlessly preach


Often subjected to partiality

Teachers launching into a tirade

About how we’re abdicating our filial responsibility

Do not magnify our capability

We will accomplish everything

Within our ability


We know we have to work hard

But do not threaten or scare us

But morally support

And mentally prepare us


Our young minds are

Struggling to stay resilient

In this cut throat competition

With the academically brilliant


Don’t try to live your dreams

Through your children

For we have dreams of our own

We’re not asking to be spoon fed

But don’t dampen our spirits with cold comfort

Don’t push us out of our comfort zone


Weary of our corrupted education system

Where our worth is judged by marks

Drawing distinction

Where bribe is commonly referred to as donation

Where a child hailing from a backward region

Is overpowered,

Falling prey to the politically incorrect legion


Do not dismiss my thoughts

For I’m young but I’ve seen it all

Little voices like mine

Filled with indignation

Will one day start a movement for liberation

Promote and propagate equality

Build a just, bias free and educated nation