Dear fellow bloggers,

Hello and welcome to my blog. Unfortunately, there’s no poem to entertain and enchant you with this time. The thing is my Dad’s in the Armed Force and he gets posted every 1.5 years or so and I’m shifting to Lucknow (Situated on the northern Gangetic plains of India) in a week. But I’m leaving for Delhi (Capital of India) tomorrow, as my mum stays there. I’m in my final year of schooling (I’m a senior) and the academic pressure is already building up. To say the least, it took a lot of time to adjust here in Jammu (winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir) and being an extrovert I’d never anticipated being so isolated. Not only was I staying in a remote area miles away from the Main City but the mentality of people took me by surprise. It was a rude shock and it shook me to the core. So I resigned to fate and confined myself within the four walls of my little home. That is when my artistic prowess shined through the words I dreamily scribbled on the last pages of notebooks. I’ve always been a quitter because I don’t have the patience and perseverance to accomplish something but poetry offered a different world. My poems were not only appreciated but insightful critiquing was a major help. I was highly motivated by other poets and I realized, writing is cathartic for me and it’s the ONLY thing in my life that makes me feel alive.

Coming back to the issue on hand, I’m scared that after I shift I’d no longer be able to write. School work and adjusting to a new place will consume all my time. I’m not consistent and I’ve noticed a pattern i.e. I write about 6 poems in a month and then my creative juices cease to flow though I’ve never pushed myself to write because almost every time I’ve no clue about what I’m going to pen down. My ideas appear on the spur of the moment and spontaneously similar thoughts follow next. But what If my brain refuses to be creative burdened by all the stress?

Only time will tell.

Till then, I want to thank ALL the people who took out time to read my poems, follow my blog, drop heart-felt comments and clicked the like button.

Thank you so much!
All of you bloggers are amazing writers and I wish you good luck.
I hope I keep improving, accepting new challenges and exploring new terrain.

Take care.
With warm regards, Sanah