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My granny is a hale and hearty old lady with good moral principles and a cute pudgy face, making it impossible not to pull her cheeks. She always has everyone’s best interests at heart and is my ultimate support system. Our every phone conversation ends with a brief lesson about life in general and the adversities one may face. Also with I love you’s, of course. Here’s a little insight into those few last minutes. It may seem preachy to many, but to me these are the words I’ll cherish after she’s gone.

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone

It’s something you should learn early in life

Success arises from struggles and hardships

Lead a path, devoid of strife


In this male dominated

Dog eat dog world

It’s hard to survive

Being a feminist won’t make anything better

And so won’t being suppressed and naïve.


Believe in yourself

Fight for your rights

Walk with your head held high

Trust your instincts

Have faith in your parents

Be courageous enough to admit a lie


Remember, what goes around comes around

Respect is a two-way street

No one expects you to move mountains

But climbing it, is itself a feat


Treat everyone with kindness

For everyone’s fighting a battle of their own

Appreciate the good things and be thankful

Make the best of every moment

Chose your words wisely, for later you shall repent


This time won’t come back

You’ll soon be a young lady

With decisions to make

And responsibilities to fulfill

Treasure your fragile innocence

Seize the opportunities

Honour your skills

Have hope in the lord almighty

For he’ll guide your ship through the storms

You’ve my blessings and all my love

I’ll be the twinkling star watching from above. .