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This is the first time I’m writing a prose poem.

I’m not even sure this is how it’s supposed to be but nonetheless I tried.

Feel free to critique. :)

The end of an era

The beginning of a new one

A promising night

The lawns extravagantly decorated

A lavish buffet with alluring delicacies

A sight, seen to be believed

Skimpily clad women

Dressed to the nines

Strutting in high heels

Attracting undivided attention

Enjoying being ogled at

The lads adjusting their ties

Unaccustomed to the formal attire

Some with their arms linked

The others hovering in groups

Breath smelling of rum and coke

Air filled with clouds of smoke

Cigarette butts scattered around

Youth crowding the dance floor

Hips swaying to the music

The high, stoned and crazies

All in the centre

Without a care in the world

Reveling in the adrenaline rush

The older lot


Catching up with long lost friends

Mulling over the past

Discussing their child’s future

The time flew by

The clock struck 12

A collective cheer

Happy New Year

Hugs and kisses

Genuine wishes

From parents, friends and lovers

Celebrating the end of an era

Contemplating the beginning of a new one.