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With trembling hands

He opened the door

A million images flashed in front of his eyes

What he saw next made his heart sore


Lying on the bed

Draped with a clean white sheet

Her face was bloated,

Swollen and red

Scratches covering her feet


Her leg was bluish,

Breathing was ragged

One hand in a plaster, the other bandaged

Her body was brutally ravaged


The room seemed redolent of a strange eeriness

It reeked of death and acid

With no trace of dirt and painfully white walls

It somehow seemed placid


Other than the beeping monitors

The ringing telephone

The sound of rushed footsteps and hushed voices

An awkward silence hung in the air

He breathed a sigh of relief

When she fluttered her eyes

And silently hummed a prayer


In the middle of the night

He had received a call

There had been an accident

A ruthless case of hit-and- run

His mind began to whirl

He said he’d be there in an instant


She was rushed to the hospital

And put in intensive care

He had no hope she would survive

Sleep offered no comfort

For he had petrifying nightmares


As she now looked at him with dreary eyes

And motioned for him to come closer

A ray of hope warmed his heart

Time would heal all wounds

And soon they’d be celebrating the beauty of life with ardor. .