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Where are you darlin’?

Where have you run off to?

Have I done anything wrong?

Doesn’t your heart wrench,

Without talking to me for so long?


Do you carry my letters?

Don’t you miss me anymore?

Why haven’t you written back yet?

Do you still sing in the downpour?


Are you aware that your sister calls me every day?

Have you even spoken to her?

Why did you make those false promises?

Weren’t you my knight in shining armor?


Do you ever get homesick?

Ever thought about your folks?

Remember celebrating that old lady’s birthday?

Did anyone tell you she passed away?


Have you checked your mail recently?

Did you read the one’s I sent?

Don’t you worry even a little about me?

Do you know I’ve started to strongly resent,

Your parting present?


Do you realize my birthday is around the corner?

Should I at least expect a call?

You’ve forgotten all your old friends, haven’t you?

What would you do when you land in a pitfall?


Who would you turn to then?

Would you look for booze or a comforting hug?

Till when will your intoxicated friends help you?

Or would they walk past you, regarding you completely see-through?


So many questions that plague my mind

Unanswered and ignored

Earnestly anticipating your return

To the person I once, with all my heart, adored.