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Standing next to her

Holding her hand

A smile plastered on your face

Your feet buried in the sand


With nothing but your shorts on

You still look clothed

Scantily clad, she struck a pose

Everything about her

I began to loathe


Your face inches away from hers

Her lips, luscious and slightly parted

With chestnut hair and eyes the colour of the ocean

I wonder which pick up line you had finally chosen.


If it wasn’t for your eyes

You would’ve looked truly blissful

But the sparkle nowhere in sight

These weren’t the eyes,

That once shone so bright.


They seemed to tell a story of their own

Deep down you knew you’d soon be alone

As the ship would sail once again

The boon of travelling the world

Turned out to be a bane


Once inside the cramped cabin

The ocean, as far as the eyes can see

You’d eagerly wait for your next destination

To finally be on land

Another photograph taken

Holding another girl’s hand.