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Write me a letter

Tell me how you feel

As you wallow in your sorrow

For you there’s no tomorrow


You hide behind your scars

Like your end is near

But with me by your side

You can overcome any fear


You say I’m your life

And I brighten your day

Only my happiness counts

For my safety, you pray.


A man of few words

You’ve forever been a mystery

Your actions speak louder than your words

You’re courteous yet quirky.


I remember watching you

Quiet and still

You’d sit for hours

Staring into the infinite nothingness

Counting the stars.


A teardrop would appear

As you’d hastily brush it away

Scared of showing your weak side

Yet wanting me to stay.


We’d hold hands

And say nothing for a while

The silence comforting us both

Then with a faraway look in my eyes

I’d say the world was hostile

That change is inevitable

That time seems to fly.


You’d sincerely listen to me ramble

Without uttering a word

You’d wrap your arms around

Console me with your melodic breathing sound.


Write me a letter

A written proof of your love

As your words are of a martyr

And as they say- Absence makes the heart grow fonder

But with every passing minute,

Our memories become fainter. .