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I watched you leave

Teary eyed

You held me close

As you whispered your last goodbye.


You took my hand

And entwined with yours

Before I could speak

You kissed my cheek

And said you’d never forget

The day we met

And every little thing we’ve done

Under the starry night

In the pouring rain

Or the blazing sun

Every moment filled with laughter and endless fun.


Gullible and naïve

I hung onto every word you said

Till days passed and nights crawled by

When I finally realized I was living a lie.


You never belonged to me

I was nowhere near your heart

You’d given it away a long time back

And she was the one you truly loved all this time

I stifled a sob and cut the phone

I knew you could never be mine.


I often wonder if you ever think about me

Sit back and reminisce with a sigh

I haven’t been able to forget you completely

no matter how hard I try

to deny.


One day, I’d wish you were there to catch me

When I stumble and fall

Someday, I’d muster up the courage

To set aside my ego

And give you a call. .