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Scrutiny in your eyes

Tracking my every move

You’re a stranger in disguise

Speaking in tones of gentle reproof.


My life doesn’t feel like my own

With you breathing down my neck

Every passing second

You’re aware of all my flaws

Your pure obsession


At my conscience

I do not need your guidance

To understand life’s essence.


You’re draining me emotionally

Trying to light the bridges you burnt

Forcing me to emerge as the stronger one

You’ve left me in a daze and undone.


You’re hurting inside

Choking me with your words

Berating yourself

Pushing me downwards


Asking for forgiveness

Apologizing too much

Throwing your life away

You see the year old memories replay

In your dreams, every day.

You’re running away

You’re drifting somewhere.


You’re down in the dumps

The burning passion in you long gone

You’re living in the past

Tired of being trampled on and a social outcast.


I wish you would move on

And let go of the pain

you’ve held inside for so long

So I can finally stop feeling this way

And even though we would remain friends

It’ll never be the same again. .

This is for YOU. Thank you for your unconditional love. But sadly, too much of anything is bad. I’d never ever forget you. :)