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A million shattered dreams

All was lost

Or so it seemed

Fought hard to avoid extremes.


Lost control

Abandoned hopes

Growing depth of despair

Felt so helpless,

Felt so bare.


Stone cold eyes

Burned a hole

Deep into his diminishing soul

Crimson blood

Poured out

Turned him into a living ghoul.


Ages ago

A mere mortal

A harmless being


Now a savaging beast

A barbarian

His monstrous streak forever unleashed.


He ached to tear you up into pieces

Chew and spit

And feast on your raw flesh

In a hollow cave, beautifully moonlit.


He’d then watch you cry out in pain

And slowly sing

a gut wrenching lullaby

look you in the eye

and show you how much it hurt

when you murdered his only last hope

with no effort.


And when you’re reborn

If you remember the hell he put you through

For your unforgiving deeds

Hopefully you’ll turn into a better person

Live a blissful life and succeed!