I still remember

Your bone chilling words

Crystal clear in my mind

The sadistic pleasure you got that day

Such a petty reason behind

All that unnecessary melodrama

You shushed me whenever I tried to explain

You got your way

But what did you attain?


A boost to your ego

That you finally proved me wrong

With your harsh words

You didn’t make me weak,

No, you made me strong.


It’s been exactly a week now

Since you broke all contact

I’ve never been so content

With my dignity still intact.


It’s surprising

How easily you hurt me

Remembering, the different side of you

It all seems untrue.



All your lies

And all your pretense

stares me in the face

I can’t believe I trusted you for so long

Sick to my stomach,

It’s such a disgrace.


Though we shared a wonderful past

The bond’s now broken

From this never ending nightmare you kept me captive in

I have awoken.


I no more kill myself with guilt

I’m free from your clutches

You probably deserve better

But just know that I burned your memory to ashes.


I would’ve apologized

This time too

Like I always do

But something stopped me in my tracks

You pointed out the things I lack.


And had a mighty good time making me feel worthless

Maybe that was just anger

With a hint of sarcasm

And pent up frustration

But that gave you no right to be so heartless.


I’m finally at peace with who I am

With a handful of people having faith in me

Thankful to have learned this lesson

Even though the hard way

I now, know we were never meant to be.