The People you can’t live without,

Live without you !

Happiest Day of My life !



Sitting outside

Deep in thoughts

The tension evaporates

As I see

Flocks of pigeons

And a gaggle of geese


Leaving me calm and at peace.


The light breeze blowing

The leaves slowly rustling

The noisy chattering birds

Lovingly cuddling.


The sound of my father shooting hoops

my mother watching news

as she holds the warm cup of coffee

both forgetting  the everyday issues.


My vision suddenly blurs

Crimson and coral coloured flowers

With bright emerald leaves

The long eucalyptus trees

Vanish from my sight

To be replaced by

Salty uncontrollable tears

And never ending fears.


A sense of loneliness

Comes over me

A longing to be

With my loved ones

To talk till my heart’s content

Like we used to before,

Now those memories seem

so surreal and distant.

My heart filled with woe.


As the sky turns

A bright orange

The leaves become still

The chattering dies down

The TV is turned off

And the court is now barren.


The eerie silence haunts me

The darkness reminding me

Of the days long forgotten

My lips tremble

My heart aches

They’re no longer with me

They’re presence

just for namesake.


They’re gone with no hope of returning

A part of me lost forever

All I’m left with are the memories

Fading with time as the reality becomes clearer. . .

" .. . .Ain't no doubt about it, 
I'm losing you, 
Somehow the wires have crossed, 
Communication's lost .. ." 

-John Lennon ( I'm losing you )