Get high on Life, not on Alcohol.

Make the correct decision now, or else regret later !

As I lay on my bed
a thought crossed my perturbed mind
What if I hadn’t been so juvenile?
And had thought about the consequences
would things have been different?
Would we still be friends?
Now that I think of the miserable night
my body shudders with guilt and fright!

The profanities and the hurtful words
which weren’t meant to be heard
hurled out of my filthy mouth
like daggers on fire
which pierced through their hearts
It wasn’t something I meant, it sounded absurd!
I regret every moment
And wish somehow I could undo
the agony I caused my loved ones
the pain they went through.

Rest of the night
seems hazy and blurred
unconsciousness took over me
I cried myself to sleep
There was nothing I could possibly do
except curse myself and weep!
I lost a friend
and his trust
to the appealing charm
of the fraudulent world of alcohol
my intentions weren’t vindictive
but before I could remind myself
I stumbled and had a catastrophic fall
into the depth of the
Creeping darkness
crawling at my innocent self
My angels in disguise
came to help.

The impact was too deep
and so was the wound I had carved
I asked for forgiveness
But my pleas went in vain.
And so I learned a lesson that day
And hence before committing a mistake
that I shall regret later
I think about that sorrowful night
And go down the melancholic Memory lane . . . .

Thank you so much Yash. You’re a true friend ! :)