captivates me
and haunts
my once pleasant dreams
all the sanity in me
fades away
leaving me hollow and restless.

Your love is like
venom in my blood
possessing and caressing me
engulfing me in pools of sorrow.

These wounds won’t heal with time
in this unreal world
these tears won’t cease for years
until you fix my broken soul
and drive away my fears.

is what I feel…
is what I want!

is my soul mate
soothing my screaming nerves
drowning me in self pity and hate
You’ve made me
a masochist.
A living tragedy
with a traumatic past.
A cryptic, a soul less being
you’ve made me numb.

But your voice makes me ecstatic
waves of joy wash over my
craving being.
Your words raise my dampened spirits..
Give meaning to my life.

U make me Human..
Yet again!